What does your Luggage say about you?

Cast your eye around any busy coach or train station, or airport terminal and you’ll see luggage in all shapes, forms and sizes.   Have you also played the game of matching the luggage to the traveller? The guy nonchalantly shrugging a light backpack over his shoulder, the girl biting her nails as she anxiously watches the carousel before grabbing her monster suitcase?  What does your choice of luggage say about you?!

The Minimalist Traveller

You’re ready to go anywhere round the globe at a moment’s notice.  As long as you have a change of clothes, your toothbrush, phone and charger you’re good to go.  Oh, and a credit card, because you’ll need some clothes, won’t you?!


The Everything but the Kitchen Sink Traveller

The polar opposite of the Minimalist Traveller, you can’t bear the thought of being away without your favourite…. well, everything!  For you, the tote bag above might just do service for the shoes you want to take, or the stack of books which, despite having Kindle, you must bring along.  So you have your carry-on bag and the largest suitcase you can find and rest confident in the knowledge that you’ll want for nothing on your trip.


The Seasoned Traveller

Your trusty rucksack has seen years of service and has the scars to prove it.  No fashion statement here, just pure practicality. Similar to the Minimalist Traveller but you like those extra pockets for maps and torch in case you venture off the beaten track.



The Style over Substance Traveller

At the risk of sounding sexist, we don’t mind betting you’re the glamour girl who loves to match her luggage to her clothes. At the coach station or the airport terminal you’ll make heads turn.  No matter that the luggage may be flimsier than a cardboard box, it’s the look that counts!



The Practical Traveller

An update on the old travel trunks with compartments for everything, what could be better than a suitcase that transforms itself into a wardrobe. The ShelfPack has a series of stacked shelves that let you pre-organize your clothing and outfits as you pack them. It’s no larger than a regular-sized suitcase when sealed up, but when you get to your hotel room, a pair of telescoping supports can be extended that turn those shelves into a mobile dresser.  Once arrived at your destination, you can be down at the bar sipping your first holiday drink while others are still unpacking.


The Latest Gadget kind of Traveller

Not so long ago, suitcases with wheels were considered innovative.  Now there’s a suitcase that moves by remote control.  Welcome to Hop, the suitcase that communicates with your smartphone and follows you around at a measured distance. If you have one of these you are someone who loves to keep ahead of the trends and this latest technology is right up your street, down the travelator, round the concourse – just don’t race ahead up the stairs….

Given the amount of electronic gadgetry packed inside this little number, be prepared to have to expose the contents for all to see at every security check.  Personally I can’t see it catching on…